Is Pilates Right for Me? +

Pilates offers something to people of all ages and levels of ability from beginners to leading athletes. Life Balance Pilates is Mat based only, however individuals can be taught standing or with a chair. Individual needs are assessed and can be adapted for beginners and people with specific medical conditions.

How do I book for classes? +

Classes run during term time and spaces will require confirmation in advance due to availability. To book your space please contact Jo on 07921 503 197 or email her -

The latest term has already started – can I still join? +

As long as there is a place you are welcome to join our mixed ability classes at any point during a term. We then recommend pay as you go depending on how far we are into the term. What to wear and bring to the class; we recommend a Pilates mat, a bottle of water and a long sleeve top that you can put on or remove depending on how warm or cool you feel. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a Pilates mat. Most retailers stock Pilates mats for £10-15.

Will I Shape Up and Lose Weight with Pilates? +

Exercises used in Pilates can be just as effective as a cardio workout when it comes to weight loss.

I’m not flexible – can I still do Pilates? +

The more you work on your flexibility, the better it will become.

What is the Difference Between Pilates and Yoga? +

There are similarities between Pilates and Yoga; Joseph Pilates was perhaps the first influential figure to combine Western and Eastern ideas about health and physical fitness. He researched and practiced every kind of exercise he could. This ranged from classical Roman and Greek exercise regimes to bodybuilding and gymnastics. He set this alongside practicing the Eastern disciplines of yoga, tai chi, martial arts and Zen meditation. Additionally, he studied anatomy and animal movements. Yoga uses the body to connect with the mind and the inner self, while Pilates uses mindfulness to connect to the inner workings of the body.

Can I Do Pilates While Being Pregnant? +

If you are a current member of our classes and become pregnant, we advise that you need to seek approval from your GP begore continuing with the classes, once into your second trimester we would then recommend a teacher who is qualtifed in pre and post-natal exercise. Please note - news of pregnancy is kept confidential. Please contact us for more information.

I have an injury – can I still do Pilates? +

As with all forms of exercise, if you have any kind of injury/medical condition we advise that you get the all clear from your GP or a relevant medical professional (including a chiropractor, osteopath or physiotherapist) before you join our classes. Once you get the approval from your practitioner we will give you alternative exercises to accommodate any injury, medical condition etc. If there is any exercise/movement/position that your body isn’t happy with, we will adapt or modify the exercise accordingly.

Am I too old to do Pilates? +

Age restriction is limitless we have a number seniors that get great benefits from doing Pilates.

Can I bring my child to a class and have them sit in the corner? +

Our classes are only suitable for those aged 16 and above due to health and safety. If childcare is an issue during our class times we run a private class for you in your own home at a more convenient time.

I have a question that’s not dealt with here – who do I contact? +

Contact Jo by phone on 07921 503197 or email her